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The Green sofa - traduction par Cleland

The Green sofa - traduction par Cleland

The Green sofa - traduction par Cleland

Texte érotique publié le 13 Août 2013 à 01h04 Ajouter cette contribution en favoris

The Green sofa - traduction par ClelandThe GREEN SOFA

translated from French by Cleland

- " I've got a hard-on look...I've got a hard-on I'm hard as a tiger, as an ogre, as a donkey...I'm so hard my glans hurts...It's all purple for God's sake...Look at it !! You're so naughty Red...I mean those photos...What the hell ?!?

- It's sweetened condensed milk...It's not what you think it is...

- Well nevertheless you're the queen of special effects...I've got a hard-on and in one hour I'm supposed to be at work...And you know how long it takes for me to come damned it we're in deep shit ! I can't afford to spend the whole day with such a hard-on...Undo what you've done..." you say to me with a big smile while I'm frantically searching through my red handbag...Looking for an object that shouldn't help that insistent pressure of yours...

- " Here, look...

- You're trying to kill me or what? I want you here and I want you now right away I want you you hear me ? Do you have a pantie on ?

- Take a guess..." you slip one hand under my dress and with your other hand you snatch the little plug I was holding in mine...

- " You're gonna drive me crazy Red...Have you got some lube ? " I give you a shrug and a smile you know how much I love "lubricarse" as you call it. I want to feel the "lubricarse" trickling down. I want you to spread it on generously...I want it to slide I want it to be warm and soft...at last. I want it to be just like me : curvy and smooth...All over !

Your jean has already disappeared, you hastily take off your shirt...

" 45 minutes honey...That's how long it takes for me to come and that's exactly how much time we've got left...Come over here..." losing no time you pull up my dress while installing me in the green Chesterfield...A 4 stars hotel has its advantages...But what the heck are we doing in a 4 stars hotel ?!

" I'm gonna fuck you doggy style honey here and now I can't take this any longer"

without leaving me a second to breathe you strongly grab me by the hips with both hands you pull me towards you sharply and you penetrate me...You do have a hard-on darling that's a fact...And this sex of yours that seems to have been created for one purpose only : to blend in perfectly with my pussy making this penetration feel almost like heaven..." Oh mon Dieu caliente my beauty...It's so soft and so warm...Ahhhh...I want to spend the whole of my life in your pussy, stay in it for hours..."

You're taking me without any harshness but from time to time the rhythm of your movements becomes slightly rougher...My flesh is entwining you, encircling you, squeezing you and setting you free, my vagina is drinking you...I am totally losing control i love doggy style and yours is an indecency of pleasures...I can feel the cold lubricant slowly running down from my scar to my arse-crack then over my little hole before landing down on your cock busy bustling in & out of my cunt...With your thumb you gently push the lube inside of me...You keep your finger in and you turn it around...Then you take it out...You put it back in. And now it's the little red plug that's slowly finding it's way inside of my little hole. Your ardor redobles and I moan...Our merging bodies are functioning so well together my hand between my thighs I am caressing my clit and I'm feeling your balls hitting against the back of my hand...I am soaking wet the sound of your words winding me up as much as the feeling of having you inside of me...So powerful and so soft...

Your hand laid flat...I see it then suddenly "Clak-Clak"...I feel it...

"Oh sorry honey but I've been dreaming of this spanking for so long...Here take this ! "Clak"...And this ! "

I'm not gonna tell you I love this...I don't want you to take advantage of the situation...After one last sonorous slap your hands starts caressing me...And without stopping to thrust yourself inside of me you...Pull out the plug...The lubricant is pouring out you withdraw yourself...Your hand takes hold of your member that's harder than ever you place your glans at the entry of my already gaping anus...You push yourself forwards, slowly, you enter in me as a caress...I moan you groan and you let out a : "Oh fuck"...

This penetration, this feeling of being possessed is so staggering that for one moment I have the impression of actually having the word "Pornography" inside of me...Just that one word or is it an entire dictionary ? You're talking to me in an unknown language, I'm sure you're calling me a bitch in this language I don't understand. You know that that term offends me and i appreciate the fact that you're saying it without me really having to hear it.

You are swaying in my backside with such sweetness and depth...I'm starting to come and I hear you say "Come on baby, come on baby...Come...Come". Words have always enhanced my pleasure "Oh yes come come...Com'n, com'n" I find myself screaming like never before and your dick hardens even more...How can it ? I don't know where the pleasure is coming from anymore, your voice is surrounding me warmly and I'm coming...And my orgasm brings you on the verge of yours " Can I come in your mouth...Honey...Honey...I...Ahhhh " i turn around and slide towards you while you straighten up placing your ready to explode swollen turgescent sex upon my scarlet lips...And as soon as it touches them your semen spurts out and with slow movements your hand finishes the job...Wide open my mouth collects the warm and slimy fluid...Your eyes are wild...We're both shaking...

Tenderly you kiss me on the forehead "I'm gonna be late honey but nevermind...The rest of the world can wait"

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  1. Baroubio, 13 Août 2013 04h32
    A quand la traduction en francais !!
  1. MissRedCode, 13 Août 2013 01h27
    @cleland : Merci beaucoup pour cette traduction que j'attendais qu'un inscrit m'offre ...je suis aux anges et honorée. Et je confirme que cet échange va te gâter....de belles surprises pour toi et cette contribution
  2. daniele71, 24 Sept. 2013 18h15
    wonderful titts !!!!!!!!
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